Good Deal on 12v Pixels on Amazon

Hi Everyone,

I came across these on Amazon a few days ago and bought some to hang in the house and noticed today that they dropped the price even lower. So I bought a ton more and figured I would share them here incase anyone is interested. 50 12v pixels 30ft string (2 strings of 25 pixels) with snowflakes on them. They come with a basic controller that has an IR remote, sound reactive and also a bluetooth phone app. They work fine with WLED if you unplug the included controller. $6.99. Snowflakes can be easily removed. Note they do not have power injection leads so you would have to splice in for that. Shoot.

I also need to make note that I just tested these side by side with some other pixels and they are a ‘little bit’ dimmer than my other ones and the actual led diffuser does not work quite as well (you can slightly see the different emitter colors if looking closely at the pixel).


That’s a screaming deal! Just the adapter and controller cost that much. I wish they had bundled it with the SP511E instead of the SP611E. Oh well, the IR remote included is great for WLED.

Any reason the 611e can’t be re-flashed like the 511e?

Or is that one of the versions with an extra internal controller that needs to be disconnected.?

It doesn’t have an ESP8266 inside. It is some sort of Bluetooth chip.

Just consider the LED density. About half of normal.

There’s something else not right about that ad:

Number of Lights: 50 LEDs
Node Voltage: 12V
Wire Length: 6.7in (17cm) Lamp to Lamp Length: 15ft (4.4m) long in total per string

If the “Lamp to Lamp Length” is 17cm (pretty low density) and the total LED’s is 50, how can the total length be 4.4m? 50x17cm= 850cm = 8.5m???

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These are no longer on sale. Still not too bad of a price if you are looking for something with a little extra wire between pixels. Personally I figured for the price I will just have to figure out what to do with the extra wire on the back side. There is no reason you can’t still put them 2-3 in apart. I actually ordered 20 boxes lol. Had to place 10 orders as there was a limit of 2 per order. I just did a rough measurement of 1 string (25 pixels) I have hanging in the hall/dining room and it was about 16ft as best I could tell. Pixels pointing left and right like the wire <===> The space from back to back where the wire enters is 8 ½ in from pixel to pixel. Hanging down- pixel 1: Left snowflake point to pixel 2: Right snowflake point distance is 6½

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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In either case, they make a perfect gift for the family in that it is both personal (once I combine with a WLED controller) and cheap. Are the snowflake lenses easy to remove or are they fused on?

Ah yea good gift idea. They are easily removed. But not so easy they are falling off or anything. They require a bit of a wiggle and tug.

1 strange thing I have noticed is if you use the control box they come with, the RGB is incorrect. So if you press red it is green and green is red. Nonissue using wled. One of these days I might pop the box open and see how hard it is to steal the IR wires off of it and stick it on one of my esp’s. Heck maybe even the MIC.

I’ve stolen the IR tails before. Just connect to 3.3v, a gpio, and ground. :wink:

Nice! I’ll have to give it a try when I get some time. The IR signal was crazy strong on the 1 controller I tried. I could aim the lil’ remote just about any place in the room and the receiver was picking it up. Even with the receiver pointed down about 8" off the floor.

Got mine today. I’ve got to say, I’m a little disappointed with the way they marketed these. When I ordered 2 sets, I would have expected 2x lights, 2x controllers and 2x adapters; not 2x lights, 1x controller and 1x adapter. They really should have sold these as 1 10M light set.

Wait what?

You ordered 2 sets and only got 1 controller and adapter?
You should have 1 controller/adapter per set ordered.

A set includes:

  • 1 cardboard box lol

  • ** 2 strings of 25 pixels for a total of 50 pixels **

  • 1 controller

  • 1 power adapter

  • 1 IR Remote

If you ordered 2 sets you should have double of all that. I have 18 boxes of them sitting right here and as far as I know each box has all of that ^ in it. I will check in a few min along with testing RGB in all of them.

1 Set:

Oh well I ordered 4. (Two orders of two because that was all they’d let you order.) I got two boxes today and assumed that was it. But I just checked amazon and it looks like the other half are coming tomorrow.

They’re back on sell today. But you’ve got to order one at a time. Actually, they are just selling 25 lights 5m now.