Unterminated #ifndef

Hi! I need install usermod pir sensor switch. After I did all the steps mentioned in the usermod installation article, I get the following error:

In file included from C:\Users\AncHOR\Desktop\WLED-master\WLED-master\wled00\wled00.ino:13:
wled.h:1: error: unterminated #ifndef
    1 | #ifndef WLED_H
exit status 1
unterminated #ifndef

in the code in wled.h is endif

Please post the code you changed plus a couple lines above and below. Use the </> icon to paste preformatted text (if using the web site).

Somewhere after the #ifndef … there needs to be a matching #endif as shown in the readme.md for that usermod.

Just use -D USERMOD_PIRSWITCH in platformio.ini

Thanks to everyone who replied, problem solved! I compiled in the Arduino IDE and the error was in it. There were no problems in VScode, except that the platforms needed to be updated

WLED VSCode with Platform IO, the first successful compile always requires at least 2 compile commands. The first time through, Platform IO is finding and downloading all the dependent projects, but not fast enough to get a successful compile. After all those dependent projects are downloaded, the 2nd compile nearly always succeeds - unless you are working off a special branch or fork of WLED where a 3rd attempt may be required.