Compile PIR_sensor_switch option is failing?

Download latest WLED version from git hub, save in Arudino projects folder WHOLE and intact.

After sorting out library dependencies, I compile with default options as downloaded from github. Fails with resulting binary too big to load. Drop/comment out OTA updates. Compiles at 99% of available space.

In wled.h, add this:

// TRY to use the PIR mod as “intended…” Doesn’t seem to work?

Compiler fails saying it can’t find the files… But if I cut and paste the EXACT error paths and look at them directly? Nothing amis… The are right there in plain sight with no permissions issues…

usermods_list.cpp:37:10: fatal error: …/usermods/PIR_sensor_switch/usermod_PIR_sensor_switch.h: No such file or directory
#include “…/usermods/PIR_sensor_switch/usermod_PIR_sensor_switch.h”

Is this something platform dependent, aka, Arduino can’t look “up” out of the project directory? Should I just give in a move it all around so it’s in a flat structure and try again?

OS X 11.6
Arduino 1.8.13

I’m not a super experienced compiler, so I’m not clear what’s going on - I did some research and found an old pull request that seems to have lead to the modern usermods_list.cpp, and this all LOOKS like fine code to my feeble mind. Clearly I shouldn’t HAVE to do the “flaten it out, move the libraries thus and there” to get this compile based on what I can see?

Any thoughts on what I might be doing incorrectly?

Thanks so much!

Use Visual Studio Code + PlatformIO.
Arduino IDE just doesn’t cut it.

Thank you, Blazoncek! I will look at building the indicated tool chain… I actually DID get arduino IDE to compile with PIR switch, but had to “flatten” the file hierarchy…

Appreciate your time!!