Usermod update for MPU6050; request

Good Morning,

Created a sketch that will create variables: “effects,” “intensity,” and “color pallete” for use with WLED.

OpenAI’s, ChatGPT assisted on the project.

MPU6050_WLED Sketch results

Github repository of MPU6050_WLED project

Short video showing WLED effects, intensity, and color palettes

Struggling at modifing Usermods ; being a newbie to WLED Usermods, is there anyone that could create Usermod for this Sketch. Goal is for this to be user interactive; using a “paddle” with MPU6050 mounted on “paddle,” along with a battery powered ESP32 sending: effects, intensity, and color palettes depending on the MPU6050, Accelometer outputs.


MPU6050 usermod demo here Discord , might be easier to modify that

@ ALDIY Link has no content on Discord; just Intro page.


Demo for that on discord search for MPU6050

Good Morning,

Struggling to figure out a way to keep motion detection active using an interrupt, for sequential data readings; decide on another approach. Using a touch pin with a conditional statement. I have the desired result working.

If the “Chromawand” is in use the motion function is called; when not in use, noMotion function is called. Nearly perfect; except for some math processing time I think, as there is some lag between “Chromawand” movement and seeing the change in RGB effects.

“Chromawand” uses MPU6050, Accelerometer and Gyroscope to send motion data; after conversion to WLED variables. Variables make up a custom URL String; sent by HTTPClient to a WLED Controller. I am sending ny WiFi; from Sketch running on an ESP32. Sketch will also run on an ESP8266.

Project should work with any WLED Controller; since it utilizes the WLED HTTP api. There is no need for a Usermod. Project was developed with an assist from OpenAI’s. ChatGPT.

Code is on GitHub


i will get MPU6050 tomorrow if we could test that

Hookup diagram for ESP32 is included in the GitHUb repository.

GitHub repository for project code