Usermods cannot add config to presets

first post here, so I want to take the chance to thanks Aircoookie and all the other contributors for doing such an amazing job, I’m really in love with WLED!!!

I’m working on a WLED usermod to control this really nice matrix clock Lazy Grid Clock v2 by parallyze - Thingiverse
The result of my initial (pretty awfully hardcoded) attempt is in the “makes” section in the thingiverse page.

What I need now is to save an additional setting for the font colour within a preset.
The issue is that json.cpp explicitly avoids calling usermods.addToJsonState() because of a check on forPreset in /wled00/json.cpp at line 357

Is there any reason to explicitly exclude usermods when creating Json state for presets?

Adding manually the usermod configuration bits to the preset seems to work, although I’m seeing a strange behaviour ( that I’m still investigating) as applying any change in UI causes the usermod to receive the status without the custom part (but again, I’m still trying to figure out what’s happening in this specific case).

p.s. here is the code , although it still needs some cleanup/documentation/fixes work