Using Scrolling Text in Playlist

I have an 8 x 48 matrix and I want to display multiple scrolling text messages one after another. I have created a number of presets with the individual messages and a playlist with these in the correct order. When I run the playlist, the messages get out of sync and switch text half way through a message. I set the duration for each entry in the playlist to the length of the message. Is there any way to get the playlist to change to the next item when the message has finished ?

maybe add “tb”:0 to the beginning part of each preset to make sure the scrolling is always starting at the beginning.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m pretty new to WLED and I haven’t directly set anything in the JSON before. I tried adding “tb”:0 immediately as the first key, after the “bri” key and within the segment definition but none of these made any difference. Is there a specific order to the keys and if so, where should this go?

That should work.
Something like {“on”:true,“bri”:50,“tb”:0,
You would need it added to all the presets you are using.

Maybe set the transitions all to 0 in your playlist as well.

Thanks for your help with this. I’ve tried this and it still changes part way through the scrolling text. It looks a bit odd !
I’m running v0.14.0 and I’ve also discovered that “Peek” doesn’t display anything.

Look your playlist over closely and make sure you have all the durations/transitions set right. If even one of those is off it will throw off your timing.

I’ve recreated everything from scratch, including the individual presets and the playlist but it’s still not working. The Duration for each preset in the playlist is set to the time it takes for a single pass of the text and Transition is set to 0. I’ve added “tb”:0 and “transition”:0 to the json for each.

It seems as though the time base is not being reset when the preset changes.

Is there anything I’ve missed .

Thanks again.

Sorry, I’m out of ideas. Maybe someone else will chime in with something.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Anyone else have any ideas ?

Maybe post the API - JSON for the minimum needed to cause the issue?

I’m very new to JSON.

Can you please explain where I get the API JSON from ?


It’s built into WLED, you can get more info from the KB: Advanced - JSON API You’ll see examples of it in action if you look at a saved preset.

Scrolling Text does not respect timebase.
You cannot time it.

Thanks for this.

Is there another way to get text to scroll one after another ?

No, unless you rewrite the effect.

Single long message with tons of spaces between “lines” maybe?

I tried this but it only seems to allow 64 chars max when adding it as the segment title. I haven’t tried pasting a longer text directly into the JSON for the preset though.

Worth another try though.


64 chars is max from anywhere

Ok. Thanks for letting me know.