Playlist presets overwriting each other

Hello all, I can set up segments and presets after following 3ATIVE guide on youtube. I can run them manually, however when a playlist is created the messages overwrite each other instead of running sequentially. I have tried D1 mini and Dev 1 esp32s, both display the same problem. I am most likely doing something wrong but am unable to sort it out.

Has anyone else solved this problem?


what do you mean by ‘the messages overwrite each other’?

Hi, thanks for your interest. The play list contains a business name followed by contact details.taken from the presets. When played the messages do not follow each other. One message incorporates itself in the other, overwriting the former and making the message nonsense.

you talking about scrolling text FX?
does it work if you put in a different fx between the different texts?

I don’t know what FX is and am not using this function. the two text strings intermingle making them impossible to read.

hi @SteveShirvo please use a 0,5sec full segment SOLID between to clear the MATRIX
or you can use any effect that clears the internal LED Mem
so the new text will shift in from base

KEEP in mind the TEXT is 255letters width

Many thanks, I will give this a try.