Segments, Presets & Playlists. Oh My!

New to WLED and been tinkering. Before spending too much time trying to create an effect that may not even be possible I figured I would ask. So thanks in advance.

Prop for July 4th (giving myself a lot of lead time - LOL) to look like a mortar with flared explosion. Testing 50 pixel string to create a comet-like beginning (first 25) mimicking mortar shooting up and then a burst at the end (last 25). Instead of having the whole thing quickly repeat I was trying to create a delay. Amazingly, I got fairly close but I cannot seem to get the two segments to work together.

On the first segment (Segment 0) I created a preset colored white and applied slightly slowed-down Android effect (Preset 1). Another preset of black (Preset 2) to achieve the delay. Created a playlist that starts with Preset 1. Changed Duration and Transition each to 0.5 to achieve one mortar shot, then Preset 2 with duration of 10 (for testing). Saved (I believe) to Segment 0. Worked.

On the second segment (Segment 1) I just created about five other Preset of random effects. Created a playlist and added all five in succession with Duration and Transition each set to 0.5. Saved to Segment 1. Worked.

Problem I have is that I cannot get both to work at the same time - Playlist 1 on Segment 0 and Playlist 2 on Segment 1. I appreciate any input.

Have you looked at the 1-D Fireworks effect?

I did. That does mimic the effect, but appeared to have one drawback for me when viewing the sample online (and seeing it on the string). The shot goes up about 70% of the string. When the burst occurs, it is not confined to the last part (30%), but rather also carries back into a part of the first 70%. If that makes sense.

I guess my simple question is whether separate playlists can simultaneously run on separate segments?

Did a bit more digging. Perhaps the suggestion at the end of the thread below is what I need. Will try it in the coming days, but if anyone else has a suggestion I would appreciate it.

I know you can run different effects on each segment, so maybe playlists as well.

Yea probably a feature suggestion. Allow segments to run sperate playlist