A new fireworks effect idea


I was having a look through Amazon and I came across these cool LED fireworks packages that you could buy. Basically it was a bunch of LED strips cut to length and put together in a spoke pattern with 1 bottom spoke being longer for the firework tail. That sent me on a search and I came across this guy in India that sells these firework controllers that even offer sound. Sadly they only ship to India.

So I was thinking how cool would it be to be able to make some of these LED fireworks and be able to control them from WLED?

Basically what we would need is a new fireworks effect that maybe could use the intensity (or whatever you call the one with the flame on it) slider to adjust the end location of the spark trail and the start of the color explosion. That way it would work like fireworks d1 but would always have the explosion starting from the same point.

If something like that could be added to a future release that would be amazing.

Here are a couple examples of what I mean:

The build would be a simple string of pixels up for the spark trail and then several spoke legs of LED’s all wired in parallel.