LED Firework Build

Back in 2022 I had this idea to build an LED Firework and I created one using some drop ceiling wire and other things. It did come out decent, but is not very easy to reassemble when taken apart and was not a uniformed design.

In 2023 some people were asking about making fireworks and someone was showing their process of building theirs in the xLights Support Group on Facebook and was asking about using WLED to control it. I gave them some info on using WLED for their effects and provided them my presets file for them to work off of. She completed the project and posted a build video on youtube . After seeing how she used a porcupine ball as the hub of her firework I decided to redesign mine, building off my past creation and off of hers. This new design has turned out amazingly well and is reasonably easy to build. For anyone interested I have provided a zip file that includes a pdf instruction sheet with pix of the process including all parts needed and my WLED presets file that should work as long as you use the same # of LEDs and use a 30 LED per meter 5m strip (150 LEDs) as your firework launch trail.

My design incorporates wiring for each spike to be wired in parallel (for WLED) or wired in series (for xLights advanced modeling). There are a total of 950 seed pixels on the firework + another 150 for a 5m - 30 per meter launch trail/tail. For a total of 1,100 pixels.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

LED Firework Build.zip (2.3 MB)

if you go for LEDmapping at eatch stripe
you can use spacing and Grouping effects

you can even get scrolling text on it as it makes then 2D Spinning wheel is also posible on the led mapping per arm /spike