Virtual LED's to solve timing problem

Is there a way to make WLED think there are more LED’s then are present?

I want to use the wipe effect and have it only fill a segment of LED’s quickly without repeating.

The timing is not precise enough to get it to repeatedly stop on the last LED I want. Sometimes its 2 shorts, or 3 long etc.

I am wondering if I say I have 50 LED’s in the config, but the segment is only 25, it will look like it is precisely filling the 25 because it is turning on “fake” LED’s that don’t actually exist. Is this possible?

I got this sort of working. But when I try to change the start, stop and offset of my other presets some of them are broken, so thiers something I don’t understand about the JSON.

This doesn’t work like I anticipated. Offset just shifts what LED the pattern starts on, it can’t make ‘virtual’ LED’s. The shifted LED’s don’t get moved “offscreen” they get pushed to the other end of the LED strip.

You can set up LEDs that are not there. Just add extra in LED Preferences.

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hey tony,
I understand you can do this with “fake” LED’s after the real ones, but how can you have “fake” or virtual LED’s BEFORE the first physical ones.

Offset does not work that way. For instance, I want like 100 virtual LED’s before the first physical ones, how would I do that in WLED?