Is it possible to let only every second LED light up?

Hello, everyone,

I am new here and am currently dealing with WLED. That’s a great thing.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak English very well and I use the goole translater to ask my question, I hope that’s ok? Writing in German probably doesn’t make sense, does it?

Actually, I have WLED running with an ESP8266, via MQTT this also works with my in-house automation program.

What would interest me, however, is that you can only use every second LED for some things? So if I want to let the strip shine red, only every second LED should be on.

Is something like that possible and if so how do I have to go about it? can the WLED itself or do you need any other programs / extensions.

I hope someone can help me and is ready to answer me (despite probably very poor English).

Thanks and best regards

Look at the Spacing parameter in segment settings.

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many thanks for the answer. actually brought me further.

the led strips now shine the way i want them to.

I still have one question. i synchronize two strips with the sync button. the segment does not seem to work, how can you keep two or more strips in sync?

I also have one question about xlights, can you keep several strips in sync and do you have to work with music here? so far i don’t want to do anything with music, but already light up the house without music.

thank you ever for further answers.

Many greetings

The newly-added vitrual-strip support in the Blaz branch may get you the syncing you want.