Multiple strips and effects on one board?

Hello everyone,

I am making a diorama for my niece’s birthday and I am planning to add some LEDs to it all.

I was wondering if the following is possible with WLED:

Strip 1: 4 LEDs that display a solid color.
Strip 2: 1 LED that changes color.
Strip 3: 2 LEDs that display a solid color.
Strip 4: 1 LED that that ‘flickers’
Strip 5: 1 LED that changes color.

Is this possible?

Sure. Use segments. One for each “strip” above.

Thank you for that. Do you also recommend a certain board? I am currently using a Nodemcu V3 ESP8266 but I think I read somewhere that there’s a limit to the amount of strips that you can have on this board

I’d suggest a pre-built controller if you are new. There are quite a few in the KB.

You can have two pins for data. Three only if you have a small number of LEDs on the third. The ESP32 can have a lot more.

I haven’t heard of these pre-built controllers before, but I shall Google them.

So you recommend an ESP32?

They are listed in the KB.