Wiring of ws2815 question

Hi all, is it possible to create just a bridge for the data and the backup data of ws2815 leds strip?

Sorry, you’re going to have to explain in a little more detail what you’re trying to accomplish.

What do you mean by “a bridge for the data and backup data”?

A bridge between what and what?
Describe your setup and what you’re trying to accomplish.

the ws2815 leds strip have two data line, a data line for data and a backup data line.

I try to find if i can solder a bridge to share data and backup data line.
What i understand is if a led on the strip fail the others leds after will work.

The way “redundant data” is supposed to work:
You supply data from your MCU using WLED (or some other controller) to the 1st LED’s DI pin.
You simply ground the BI (Backup Input) pin on the 1st LED (what I’m guessing you call your bridge?).

From the 1st to 2nd LED’s (and similarly for the rest of your strip) you connect DO to DI and BO to BI.
If a single LED fails, the backup output from the failed LED is supposed to route data around the problem and leave the rest of the strip working, in reality YMMV.

This means for normal operation you need 2 data wires between every LED in the strip vs 1 used for WS2812 style LED’s.

I saw this kind of connection with one wire that solder on BI and DI on the D4 output.


It’s not my circuit but i want to know if this schematics is good for the data redundance?

No, tie BI on the 1st LED to GND not DI.
You only tie BI to the previous LED’s DI for the 2nd and subsequent LED’s.

ok, thanks for the help! :wink: