WLED 0.10.0 with Hyperion 2.0.0.-alpha.5 on Vero 4K+ with OSMC and Kodi

Hi there,

I run WLED 0.10.0 on a NodeMCU v3 and Hyperion 2.0.0-alpha.5 on OSMC on a Vero 4K+ for Kodi. The Hyperion feed is received by WLED for a minute or so. While it does that, the WLED Web UI is not available.

Then WLED seems to drop out of the Hyperion mode, it does not receive the UDP stream any more and just display all LEDs in orange color. Then the WLED Web UI is available again.

When the WLED device is rebooted, the Hyperion mode kicks back in again for a minute or so.

I thought maybe it is the Home Assistant integration on the native WLED API and removed that, but that did not help. I have no sync interfaces active, except for Realtime UDP.

  1. Any ideas why WLED drops the Hyperion feed after some time?

I found that the Smoothing seems to bog down the Vero so that the controlling of the menus becomes painfully unresponsive. So I turned off the smoothing currently.

The other issue is the lag I am experiencing, changes on the screen are reflected with quite a lag by the WLED NodeMCU v3. The lag happens with video content (Platform capture, automatic) and with many Hyperion effects that have a higher speed. What are reasonable values in Hyperion for:?

  1. LED Refresh time

  2. Latch time

  3. Capture frequency

Hyperion on Vero 4K+ is connected to a managed VLAN, the same VLAN that the WLED NodeMCU is using via WiFi (2.4GHz). Shouldn’t this be fast enough?

  1. What is the limiting factor here? Vero 4K+? Network? NodeMCU? Number of LEDs (300, SK2812)?

I found that it has something to do with the Vero 4K+ running on ethernet. When disabling eth0 and running on wlan0 the UDP traffic will not lag. I somehow doubt that it has something to do with the layer 2 equipment (Unifi switches and the Cisco WAP) (in both cases the WLED device is receiving from the WAP). Any ideas, if this might be an OSCM problem with eth0?
No router involved, both, Vero and WLED are on the same subnet and VLAN.

I don’t really have a solid idea for what could be causing this, but it could be that the data rate is too high. I don’t know what latch time refers to, but try to set the LED refresh rate to 20 or 30 fps.

Refresh time is given in “ms”, not “fps”. Default value is 1000ms. Is that OK?

Either I’m not correctly understanding what the setting does or your refresh time is way too slow. You would see the LEDs only updating once per second only. A good value is 33 ms which will give you 30 FPS.

it is updating fluidly though with 1000. it didn’t build it, don’t ask me how this works…