WLED devices don't reconnect to wifi after router reboot

A few days ago, I had to reboot my router. After that, I wasn’t able to discover any WLED devices using the WLED app. I also checked in Home Assistant and they were unavailable there. I had to go around the house and manually hard reboot all of my WLED devices. Most were easy, but I have one device hidden above the kitchen cabinets that’s a bit of a pain to access.

I thought it might just be a one-time fluke, but earlier today I needed to reboot my router again. The same thing happened. None of my WLED devices came back online without going around and manually power cycling them.

I have several devices and they range from WLED v9 - v12. So not all are on the same firmware version.

Anyone know what might be going on here? I mostly just stick to the default config settings (apart from the basics: LED count, wifi connection, etc).

I bet when WiFi was lost they went into hotspot mode. I don’t remember if there is a setting to try reconnecting WiFi after a period of time. If not may not be a bad feature reboot every three mins when in hotspot mode. My tasmota devices do this so within a few minutes all of them come back online if I reboot WiFi.

I believe that they initially showed up in hotspot mode (not totally sure as I wasn’t checking for this specifically). But they definitely didn’t stay in hotspot mode, as I checked the available wifi signals at some point and don’t remember seeing them. So likely they went to hotspot mode for a bit and then dropped it?

I have lots of other wifi devices in the house (mostly esp8266 using EspHome), they all seem to come back online normally after the router reboots. Seems to just be the WLED devices that I’m struggling with.

Thank you for reporting and sorry for the issue!
The standard behavior is “AP opens if no connection on boot”, meaning that if the connection if lost while WLED is running, it will only attempt to reconnect and not open the access point at all.
For some reason, the automatic reconnect is failing for you (if I reset my router, it reconnects automatically). Are you using DHCP or have you set a static IP?

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I have DHCP set on the router. However, it seems like most/all devices keep their same IP addresses after a router reboot from what I can tell.