Wled doesn't connect again to once active wifi

This concerns a esp32 in DigUno but I have also seen it in a Nodemcu. After setting a specific address and gateway in WLED (not DCHP) WLED connects to my router and behaves properly. AP is still on, so I can connect through it also. WLED shows the client address in the app. Then later, for an unknown reason, it refuses to connect thru WIFI. WLED console shows no client connection. I can change the specific address, no help. The router doesn’t seem to be using the specific address (not reserved on router) so I have no idea why it refuses to connect. And it will stay that way until the SW is re-flashed. I have seen the same incident using a Nodemcu at a friend’s house with similar setup. Originally it works fine then it seems like the router refuses to reconnect to WLED. Even changing the wifi to no specific address (DHCP) doesn’t fix it. My router is an ASUS and his is a Linksys. Sorry to bbe so long but is there some circumstance which would cause the router to refuse WLED after once connecting (security?)

Working with 0,13 WLED but not sure it is release related. When this happens and I have not set WLED-AP to always, I am screwed. No way to contact it at all and manual re-flash is the only way.

Just tried again with wifi (no) sleep checked. Same thing. I trust my router so it seems like the WLED request to the router never goes out although the AP is working. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot ?

Nevermind factory reset and re enter wifi settings did it.

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