WLED Girls Hoop Skirt

Ahead of our Father/daughter dance, I’ve been getting pummeled with light-up princess dresses ads on Facebook. Rather than get a plain Jane dress, I thought it would be much more fun to let her pick out a dress and that I would add the lights to it.

Parts involved:

Starting with the fairy lights, I cut off the included USB controller, wired it into an extra 1ft USB micro-USB cord I had laying around, connected the data line to one of my ESP32 boards, 3D printed a case to keep it safe, and connected it all together. I then handed the project off to my wife, who popped out all of the hoops in the hoop skirt, sewed on the LEDs in a vertical serpentine fashion, and reinstalled the hoops.

As far as WLED and the lights themselves, I have WLED 0.14 installed and have it setup with a 16x6 2d grid. Included are some of the photos of the project as it stands. This hoop skirt will be under her princess dress, of course, and should shine through quite nicely. I’ll be sure to post some video from the actual dance and of the full dress once the event happens this weekend.


You’re daughter has a great set of parents, excellent idea and execution!

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Solid project! When my kiddos get older I’ll do the same.

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An unrelated note on hoop skirts… My side hustle is Bell Skirt — Champagne Skirt. Maybe it is time to add a lighting package…?

Always could be an add on!

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