WLED Nanoleaf

Hi there.

I just started experimenting with WLED and so far its awesome!

There’s just one thing. I can’t figure out how to get the nanoleaf effect, if it’s even possible.

I have 3 leafs. Each leaf has 33 LED’s.
In segments:
Start LED: 0, Stop LED: 99
Grouping: 3

What am i doing wrong? I just want the leafs to have different colors and slowly fade and change color again.

Kind regards


Sounds like an awesome light :slight_smile:
Try setting grouping to 33, it will make all 33 LEDs in each leaf have the same color!

When i set grouping to 33 the end led is pushed back from 99 to 30

My bad. LED settings was on 30 :blush: . Working now.

Is it possible to select more than 3 colors?, so when i select effect rainbow it uses all colors?

Again… my bad :zipper_mouth_face: . Need to learn to look first and ask later. Found the rainbow palette.

Awesome. Now i can finish my 12 peaces nanoleaf :smiley:

No worries, awesome that it works now :innocent: