WLED on a motorcycle unresponsive after power is cycled

Firstly, I wanted to say Thank You so much Aircookie !! Wled is awesome. Can I donate to you or to the Wled project, and if so where?

I am currently running Wled ver 10 on a D1 mini in AP mode with ws2812b 6 strips of 30 leds running in parallel on a motorcycle powered by a 5v supply that turns on when the rpms are stable and then turns off a couple seconds after the engine stops running. The issue I am having is after the power is cut, on the next power up the leds are mostly all white save a few are blue or pink but it does not start up all orange or even to the saved color in preferences, also I am able to connect in AP mode again but the LEDs are not responsive to any changes using the smart phone app or the normally open switch attached. I would be very grateful for any assistance.

I have the same issue when using a Node MCU, and also with or without the NO switch

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Hi, I’m very happy you like WLED!

6 strips is quite a lot to power from the ESP 3.3v data signal. You might either want to use a level shifter or a single pixel whose output runs the 6 parallel strips.
What do you have to do to get it back working? It could be that something about the way the power is cut that causes the issue because you can reach the ESP, just the LEDs are not controlled correctly.

Do you have a capacitor across the power into the D1 mini? How about a capacitor across the power leads to the LED strip? If not, you probably should look into installing them.
Another idea is the power off is too abrupt, and the 5V supply is doing something improper to the output voltage. Cutting the LED strip off in WLED by a switch input (maybe run a relay off the key’s RUN position from the fuse panel), then killing the power should be more predictable.
Probably noise signals during power off, over/under voltage. I suspect the LEDs are dead after the first power off if what I read is correct.

There are a lot of electronic’s on a modern motorbike and that’s not taking into account any noise generated by high voltages that feed spark plugs. As suggested try capacitors to add suppression / filtering and see how that goes.