WLED on ESP-C3-01M-Kit: no WiFi

I am new to WLED and used some three ESP-C3-01M-Kit-modules laying around together with WS2815 for my first steps. After some hiccups I now reached a state where the modules boot and (see photo), several LEDs are turned on (the top one sometimes changing by a pattern I don’t understand yet). But I can’t access any of the modules as they broadcast no WiFi-signal.
I erased flash before burning boot-loader to 0x0 and firmware (pre-made binary or compiled by myself do not differ) to 0x10000. the modules are powered by feeding the 12V running to the LEDs into the board’s voltage-regulator that turns them down to 3.3V. I also tried with separate 5V power supplied via micro USB.
I currently have no idea where to continue searching for the problem or how to solve it and seek advice from the WLED-community. Thanks for any hint how to continue in advance, it is greatly appreciated.

Your C3 is not booting properly mos likely.
Use PIO to flash it correctly and use a debug options to see what is happening via serial interface.