WLED / PIR AM312 / Relay Omron SSR G3mb-202p

Hi, unfortunately it doesn’t work as desired, PIR reacts well, but the Omron SSR G3mb-202p switches too slowly, which is why the LED stripes immediately go to full brightness, is there a way to set a delay? eg. that the LEDs turn on 250 milliseconds later?

Furthermore, it would be desirable if you could specify that the PIR only reacts between a time from … to, or the relay (both), since I have to admit that I am a beginner, I hardly know where I could start to change something.

Usermod PIR and multi-relays are integrated in an ESP8266 and an ESP32 (Dev and D1)

It works better with a standard relay ( KY-019 Modul ), it seems to switch faster. However, the clicking is not very quiet.

You could try having the PIR activate a Playlist with 2 presets, the first is “turn-on to 30%” which only lasts 0.3s.
That would give the SSR time to come up and then the 2nd piece of the playlist would be the preset you want to activate.

The other thing to look at is the actual SSR you’ve chosen.
I don’t think it’s designed to be driven by a 3.3V MCU, the specs say it needs 5V to activate properly.

Hi, according to the values everything should fit.
Input voltage control signal: (0-1.5V low level, relay ON), (2.5-5V high level, relay OFF)

at almost 20 meters (60LED), my HLK-PM01 does not manage to let the LED light up a little (max. 1A) and would probably break very quickly.

Another solution would be to go directly from the large power supply and with one (standby under 3 watts) and one
SSR-40 DD solid state relay single phase solid state relay input 3-32VDC output 5-220VDC to use.

However, it would be nicer to be able to use the cheap Omron :wink: