Relay woe

Good morning,

I have been using my DigUno with a relay on GPIO 19 (Q3) for the past few seasons. I updated WLED to the latest (14) and now the relay does not receive a signal to go high. Both the relay, and the power supply work independently, and the PS is powered if I connect the NC side of the relay, but not if connected NO. Before I rip the setup apart, has anyone any ideas?

Have you tried to go back to the previous version to see if the relay works?

You should be to see the GPIO pin change voltage from Low to High with a voltmeter.
You could try a different GPIO.

All good suggestions. I tested the voltage change on the Q3 & Q4 - no change. Q1 & Q2 are pulled low, and there is no change there either. I am going to roll back to 13.0 “Toki” and see what happens.

Not sure if you tried or not, but may want to install from here:

Thanks for the suggestion. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what happened.