DigUno + Relay + cooler

Hi guys,
I’m trying to connect a cooler/fan to my diguno using a 5v relay. I want to turn on/off the fan according to WLED state.

I read many posts, diguno pinout and wled config guide but I cant turn off the cooler using WLED. It is turned on all the time.

I tried to use the dig uno pins Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and configure then in the hardware section as relay pin and the result was the same. The fan turn on when I turn on the PSU but nevers turns off.

Here is a ugly diagram of my setup. Can you give some ideas to solve this issue?

Your relay needs 5V to trigger. You will need to add level shifter or choose different relay module.
You may also experiment wit 2N7000 MOSFET for driving relay, but this requires additional circuit.

Can I use a low level relay like this?

You have to check the specs.