WLED works only at first boot

I’m trying to flash WLED on the new PCB I developed. There is something not working, but I can’t figure how to find the issue. These are the steps:

  1. erase all: esptool.py erase_flash
  2. flash BL: esptool.py write_flash 0x00000 ./esp32_bootloader_v4.bin
  3. flash the fw: esptool.py write_flash 0x10000 ./firmware.bin

All the voltages are ok, the system turns on, the LEDs are orange. I can see the AP, connect to the wifi network and so on, BUT…
when I switch off the power and I turn it on again nothing works :sob:

I can’t understand this behaviour. If I erase the chip again then I flash the BL, then flash the FW, it works again, until I switch it off.

Please could you help me?

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I have had the same issue.
I moved on to another module and it worked ok.
I look forward to any suggestions

I had this same problem when using an esp01. The issue i was having was a certain pin pulled up or down, i forget which, at boot time. Otherwise, it defaults to programming mode and doesnt load the program. Sorry, Im not at home so i dont have it in front of me, but thats what it was. If you designed the pcb yourself, i’m willing to bet that’s your problem.

Exactly this.

I found the issue!
It was caused by the boot PIN: it must be pulled up.
The issue is: on the ESP32 devkit the boot pin is kept up by the USB serial transceiver, if you look at the ESP32 devkit schematic circuit there is no pull up resistor on the boot pin, so I didn’t mount it on my custom circuit.