Wordclock mod questions on usage

So I’m trying to use the Wordclock usermod.
But the mod’s useage .doc is lacking install tips. And I’m a novice to usermod’s and could use some guidance.

How do I add it to Wled?

I’ve tried to rename the user mod file “word-clock-matrix.cpp” to “usermod.cpp” and place it in the wled dir, overwriteing the existing file.
However this resulted in compilation errors.

wled00\usermod.cpp:22:29: error: 'saveMacro' was not declared in this scope
 saveMacro(14, "A=128", false);

So I guess I’m missing something or the mod has not been updated for use with Wled v0.11.0.

Any tips for a novice to use this mod correctly?

Edit: I’ve tried with v0.10.2 and it seems to compile fine. I have not tested as I’m waiting on the led matrix, but I’m assuming it’s fine. So it seems the mod is in need of a update, perhaps?

If you stick with v0.10.2, you do not need to worry about modifying the usermod.
If you want v0.11.x, the saveMacro command is no longer available, so the usermod will need to be changed.

Hi, it’s an old post but where you found a Word Clock project with Wled?
Is it possible?

It an many other user mods are available in the Github repository.

I compiled wled with wordclock. Connected ws2812b matrix of 8x8=64leds. I configured the word clock.

Can anyone give me the layout of words for the clock. I get the word “It’s” correct but not others. From the previous version I got the word layout but it doesn’t work for version 13 of wled.