New to programing How to use usermods

Hello to all, I’m am new to programming and new to using platformio just found WLED and have been trying to add the temperature usermod to a ESP32 and I am completly stuck. I am confused about Version 1 and Version 2 usedmods and as how to define the items and into what folders. I have tried so may different ways but apparently not the right way. I have resorted to just using 2 esp32 one for the leds and another for the temp sensor DS18B20 with MQTT. It’s just bugging me to know I can do this with one ESP32, I just can’t figure it out. Is their a video or a very descriptive text file to read for usermods? Thanks in advance…Confused

I do not know of one exactly like you are asking for.

Are you using platformIO with VS Code to make the work easier?

V2 usermod for termperature is probably a great way to go, having it automatically transmit to a local MQTT server or broker or whatever they call it.

Each usermod is supposed to provide instructions on what to add or replace in order to integrate their usermod.

V1 usermods are more difficult to integrate.

V2 Usermods … check the wiki for usermod information. Armed with the wiki information, the usermod developer instructions will hopefully make more sense.

For V2 usermods, refer to WLED/usermods_list.cpp at master · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub to enable any specific usermod.

Thank you huggy-d1, I finally had time to mess around with this again, and have figured it out. I was putting the define options into the wrong file (platformio_override.ini) they should of been put into the (platformio.ini) file.
Anyway got it working !

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Glad your time investment paid off and it is now working. Well done!

I am trying to create an effect of a faces animated to be used with a LED matrix, I was able to do with Arduino IDE, but I want to try to use into WLED.
Well, my question is… is it possible to integrate new effects into WLED with user mods?
This is correct way to do?
I have not seen any usermods example of new effect, the examples are to integrate sensors or new process, maybe I have not been able to find it

Hi Mikromike,

I’m having the same issue as you, any chance could you link your bin or your platformio.ini.


There are no effects via usermod. There are also no guides for creating effects.

There may be a way to create your own soon…