Help on usermods

Hi, I’ve been using wled for a while and I love it, but I feel like I could do something more to help me.
I have a DH11 sensor that I would like to connect, and so take advantage of my nodeMcu.
I saw that there is something to help usermods, but I read and reread and I don’t understand how they work and I didn’t find a step by step tutorial. Can you kindly help me? My notions seem basic, and I started by trying to upload files through ip/edit but it didn’t work and I didn’t understand how I can use usermods and even try to use one that seems to work with the DH11 temperature sensors

You need to custom-compile usermods, or use a compiled bin from Serg’s git.

the only way to have usermodes is to compile again?
I thought there was an easier way. And where can I follow the steps. I still couldn’t understand what it would take to have Usermode with DH11 support

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So far, yes.

The easy way is if Serg has your bin. :wink:

In the git of wled in usermods have the DHT mode. In Serg git have this bins:

how do i know if any of these bins have the DHT usermod?

I think it would say DHT.

I don’t have much experience compiling code. I’ve only used tasmota, wled, and esphome.
I just wish I could add a temperature sensor to my nodemcu with wled, but it seems to be a more difficult task than I expected.

custom compile with DHT usermod.
unfortunately you’ll need to communicate with the developer if you encounter issues.

where can I follow the steps, to have a firmware for esp8266 with reading and sending temperature from the DHT11 to the home assistant, connected for example to the GPIO2 pin

there is usermods folder within wled download source
check within

So a few months ago I reached out for help with user mods…

There are lots of cleaver programmers on here. But there a lot of us who aren’t and comments like there a user mod or a bin here or blah blah blah is not much use.

Please for us lot who are not so programming aware could someone do a idiots guide!!! Please!

Yeah lxkev, I tried to understand, I did some tests but without success, I think it would be super easy for someone with experience to compile or help.
I thought there would be an easy way to merge mods and other files like in ESPHome.
But I feel kind of lost. I guess I’m a bit dumb, and I’ve been putting this project on hold and turning to other systems until I find an answer or help

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Try searching for YT videos that show WLED and someone showing the process of integrating a usermod. Be sure to search for YT videos for getting VS Code / Platform IO installed and WLED successfully compiled first so your tools are ready when trying to integrate the usermod.
There are quite a few good YT videos describing the process. And, you can hit pause and skip backwards for instant replay as many times as you like until you get it working.

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Each and every usermod has instructions on how to include it in your compile within its folder.
Unfortunately we cannot provide support for all of them so your best bet is contacting usermod creator or maintainer.

For most of the frequently used usermods it is enough to include -D USERMOD_xxxxxx in your platformio.ini (or override) build_flags or by adding relevant #define in the C source.

There were several examples posted on Discord so you can check there as well.

If you are not so talented as far as programming goes (and including a usermod most likely doesn’t require any programming) you can use compiled binaries from generous people like @srg74 who has collection of various combination of usermods compiled into regulalr WLED as well as experimental binaries with advanced features.

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ESP32 build environment for @srg74 Wemos shield with 4 Line Display, Temperature, Auto Save, Multi Relay and PIR sensor usermods (PIR sensor on GPIO26)

board = esp32dev
platform = ${esp32.platform} ; or espressif32@3.5.0
build_unflags = ${common.build_unflags}
board_build.partitions = tools/WLED_ESP32_4MB_1MB_FS.csv
build_flags = ${common.build_flags_esp32} -D WLED_RELEASE_NAME=ESP32_WEMOS
  -D LEDPIN=16
  -D RLYPIN=19
  -D BTNPIN=17
  -D IRPIN=18
  -D USERMOD_MULTI_RELAY  # 14, 15, 32
lib_deps = ${esp32.lib_deps}
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Hi Huggy-d1

Please share a link to any of thoses videos…

The only one I can find is the quondior/quinled but its out of date and doesn’t work…

That’s all great. But if you don’t know how to compile, understand the file structure, or the platform that’s all a bit useless having instructions in the user mods.

I can get myself around arduino because there some great How’s to videos…

You have my answer above.
You can stop complaining now.

Complaining!!! Thanks for reinforcing that feeling of being dumb and being afraid of asking for help

I’m trying to explain that there is a huge gap between people like yourself and people getting into this. And we need some help!

This forum is great for information and I’ve learned a lot. But there is no “idiots guide to compiling user mods” unlike all the how to install wled video out there.

There are a number of people like myself and @axcs who " feel kind of lost. I guess I’m a bit dumb, and I’ve been putting this project on hold and turning to other systems until I find an answer or help"

“SP32 build environment for @srg74 Wemos shield with 4 Line Display, Temperature, Auto Save, Multi Relay and PIR sensor usermods (PIR sensor on GPIO26)”

Might as well be xyz xyz blah blah blah, for those of us who don’t know the basics.

I’m sorry that you see people asking for help and identifying a lack of educational material as “complaining”.

If anyone has got a link to a how-to video for user mode it would be gratefully received. For those looking for help with usermods, the best video I’ve found to get an understanding of compiling is below

I agree with you. Not much info on how to do it. I saw that video and tried to go step by step, but the software must have changed because I don’t see the compile button as in the video. However, I was able to download the multi relay bin file from Serg and worked for me. The bin file was simple enough since I have update WLED with bin files before. Still in the dark on doing it myself.

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