Help newbie with usermod

Hi all, I would like to use an usermod (I2C 4 Line Display Usermod) that is already in the github wled usermod area. I’m very new to this and I would like to know if I’m understand correctly:

For the v2 usermod I need to compile wled or I just need to download wled binary and than copy the usermod.h to wled00 (just drag the file?)

After, how i have to register the usermods in usermods_list.cpp?

(All the usermods that is in the github area of wled are already registeted?)
How I can tweak the option of this usermod, like choose the correct display?
Thank you all for the support

Use flags instead of alternating code:


Can you do an example?

Check @Quindor videos.
I think he is Intermit.Tech on YT.

thank you, so I figured out how to, but know I got this error when I’m try to connect to the wemos d1 mini,

SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’,"

the display works and shows all the info but the GUI shows the error above
this is the platformio_override that i’v made

the issue above is the same, even if I don’t use the OVERRIDE and just simply compile it

there’s a strange problem with different compile metod:
If I download the source code from github, i got this error

If I try to compile with the metod of where you need to download wledmaster I have the problem that visual studio doesn’t create the bin, but when I try to upload directly from visual studio code to wemos, i got the gui syntax error and wled not work.

I don’t know what to do, and what is the correct way… I search on the internet and see the intermittech video but no one follow the same step of the wled site…

You are not using the latest source.
And as can be seen from 1st screenshot, you successfully flashed ESP.

Thank you! You talk about the u8g2 library?

I change the u8g2 library to the latest and got always the same error, SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’," even if I don’t use override and try to only compile

“Syntax error” is a bug in current WLED when accessing controls fro AP mode.
Connect to WiFi and it should work or wait for an update.