Correct method for submitting pull request for new usermod?

Hello all,

I am relatively new to coding, but I have a usermod that I would like to submit to add support for the ESP32-based TTGO T-Display (with a built-in 240x135 TFT display).

My question is this:
The usermod requires a few changes to the platformio.ini file (adding a library dependency, and just some commenting and uncommenting to only compile for the board in question). I also added a platformio_overrides.ini file to change the button pin assignment to GPIO35.

To “correctly” submit a pull request, should my repo have those files left alone (unchanged), and I ONLY add a new folder to the usermods folder with my new usermod file and a readme the documents all the necessary changes? Or should I also change the usermod in the WLED00 folder and include the changes I made to the above mentioned files?

  • Create account on GitHub.
  • Fork WLED repository to your account.
  • Make all changes you think necessary to your usermode file. test it.
  • Create new folder in usermods folder and copy all files you alternate
  • make explanations what and how you did it
  • live original user mode.cpp in wled00 folder as original
  • in platformio.ini make all changes and comment them
  • create pull request from your repository to Aircoookie original repository
  • wait for review and hopefully your request will be inside of WLED project
    Good luck
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