TTGO T-Display usermod in WLED-0.13.0-b0

I’ve compiled the latest WLED version with the TTGO usermod using Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO. It will compile and upload to a LILYGO TTGO T-display and can be accessed from the WEB interface. The display’s backlight comes on but there is nothing displayed on the TFT screen.

Recompiling to WLED version 0.12.0 and the display works. Any information of what might be causing this usermod to not work in the latest version?

There is a changes in latest code how user mod is handled. At some point dev will take care of usermod. If you would like to help with code you always welcome.

Thanks for the reply. I have no coding knowledge but from curiosity I did look through the TTGO-T-Display usermod.cpp file and see if I could determine why it might not work with the new version.

I updated the VScode program and the libraries for the ESP32 board. I tried disabling this section in usermod.cpp <(knownMode != strip.getMode())> with the thought that WLED now has playlists and somehow prevented the older usermod from working but same problem persisted.

Anyway I’m happy to keep using WLED without this particular modification and appreciate having access to this great software. Thank you.