How to help WLED development

I am a Firmware engineer, I’m following the WLED project since 4 or 5 months.
I’m using WLED compiled from sources and I fixed some little slices of code in the usermods and in the WLED code.
It is few things but I think that can be useful for all users so I would like to share them but I don’t know how to do it.
It’s the first time for me that I try to join and collaborate with a big developer community.
Please could someone explain me the right workflow to send the code fixes??


If you know how to download code from Github then it’s not that complicated to make a pull request. Download Github App and you will see it’s not complicated. Any good code fixes is highly appreciated.

I already forked the project and I’m working on it.
So the only thing to do is a pull request? I have not to open tickets or any other things?
Should I use the “dev” branch directly pulling on it or you use something like gitflow?

If your changes is tested and you consider to share, make a pull request from your fork main branch. Describe what was changed and WLED devs will review changes and merge to WLED repository if changes is relevant.

OK, thank you! I already added my changes to the dev branch (I was not sure to add them directly to the main branch)
I hope that I did all tha steps well