Welcome to the new WLED community! Should you post here or open an issue?

Good day everyone!

Welcome to the new WLED community! I’m excited to see you here!

With now many communication channels, maybe it is helpful to you if I clarify what channel is best for specific categories of messages.
Of course it is not a problem if you prefer certain channels, but which these recommendations I hope to create the best possible experience for everyone.

GitHub repository issue tracker:

  • Confirmed or urgent bugs
  • Concise feature requests
  • Please do not use it to ask questions. Future question issues will be moved to the forum and closed on GitHub


  • Chatting
  • Quick questions that likely do not need much discussion
  • Anything you don’t believe may be that relavant for other users in the future

New Discourse community forum:

  • Questions on how to get a specific feature/integration to work
  • Bigger feature requests or change proposals requiring discussion
  • Issues with Connectivity/flickering or a specific hardware setup
  • Longer discussion threads
  • You believe other users may benefit from the response to your question

Discord PM to me or e-mail to dev.aircoookie@gmail.com:

  • Please only write me directly if you believe I am the only one who can help you or if you would like to discuss something privately.
  • For all other cases it is very likely that the community can give you a faster answer or can think of a solution I didn’t consider!

As always, have a lot of fun using WLED! I hope to improve it even more in the future!

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