WLED MQTT Questions

Hi there, I am totally new to WLED and your community. Looks like a great project and a great place!

I am a bit confused what MQTT topics are subscribed by WLED 0.10.0.

In the WIKI it says that it should already supports the “new style” topics such as “switch” and “color”. However, with MQTT-Explorer I can only see it publshing to “g”, “c”, “v”, “status”.

Also I do not find a homeassisstant/light auto discovery topic for WLED? From the WIKI it seemed that it does support that. HAs this been dropped in favour of Frenck’s API integration?

Hi and welcome! Sorry for the confusion! I did not notice that this part of the documentation had not been updated.
The MQTT rework was only a proposal, it has not yet been implemented, so the topics on the wiki page still apply even in 0.10.0. The autodiscovery was removed in 0.9.0 because Frenck’s integration superseded it :slight_smile: I’ve updated the MQTT wiki page now, thank you for pointing that out!

Thanks for clearing it up!

Maybe there are also other MQTT fans like me who prefer MQTT over a native API, also be cause it gives the opportunity to easily peek into whats happening and to extend and modify the integration without the need of changing the code of HASS.

E.g. does the API support segments and color palettes? Transitions? If not, it would be easy to provide that with a MQTT template light in HASS without waiting for features to be implemented in the API integration.

Would it be possible to have both, Frenck’s integration and the MQTT auto discovery (obviously each integration needs a slightly different entity ID)?

It would be possible, but autodiscovery was kind of a bodge. Never worked well universally because the MQTT was larger than the send buffer. This is also the reason segments are not yet supported. Sending more than 1kB at once seems to be able to cause issues, as does subscribing to (or publishing) too many topics. I wanted to look into that for a long time - the integration has reduced the need for that though :slight_smile: I believe Frenck already added support for segments… If not yet very soon! Will still look into the MQTT at some point though!