WLED-HSB integration with Homeseer

Had great success deploying WLED , wonderful app. thank you!
however I am facing the following issue:

In order to achieve proper control/status in Homeseer/HStouch, I would need to use HSB sliders (color picker/wheel is unfortunately not an option so HSB sliders are the second best option to select colors)

MQTT is very well supported under Homeseer, and basic WLED controls are already integrated, including segment support; However the plugin developer can’t quite figure out how to get proper HSB controls/status via the API.

In a nut shell, is it possible to get separate Hue - Saturation - Brightness controls and status , per segment. Ideally, without resorting to back and forth RGB conversions. If so, what is the best approach to this ?

For even more context, and since I’m not the plugin developper, instead of copying a very long thread over here, if anyone is familiar with the API & HSB controls, would you mind having a peak at the thread below and either provide feedback directly in the thread or right here and I’ll relay the info.

Thanks for your assistance!

" Once the confusion that brighness is a gain and not a color space component was cleared the integration went well."