Outdoor X-mas tree

My two girls wanted to learn how to use a drill, saw, etc and we needed something to build. So say hello to our automated X-mas tree.

WLED is controlling WS2812 LEDs strings, using a Dig-UNO. I’ve made a corona safe, non-touch trigger using a TOF10120 sensor connected to a NodeMCU. Everything is tied together via MQTT in HomeSeer.


Is HS driving MQTT for every effect / setting? Are you using segments? What WLED version?

Good to see you outside the HS forums!

Do you have your HS device / event settings shared anywhere?


Now get Vixen or X-Lights (and if you wanna get away from your PC, use FPP) running and do a show.

Yes, I send a new effect every 3 seconds. It works with WLED 0.11.2 and 0.12.0.
No segment, but I’ve thought about having the star at the top as it’s own segment.

I will do a write up on that. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve thought about that, I’m afraid to get lost in the possibilities… :smiley:

Excellent skills for the kids and great family time in these times of unlimited things to do in front of a screen. No need to stop here! Great job, you all have something to be proud of!