Christmas Train

I have been trying to figure out a reliable, easy control system for animating a Toy Train for Christmas display my best friend does every year. I cam across WLED and ESp8266 this year and voila! I had what I needed. We put about 30 hours into this project. We hope you enjoy!

Train 1

Train 2

Train 3


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Thanks. What is the best way to show a video? I added different links.

I’ve been using

Looks great! What effects are you using on the train body and wheels?

Colortwinkle for the train body and Chase Rainbow for the wheels. I had to reverse the effect for the wheels so they are spinning in the right direction.

Ha! Brilliant! Nice work.

Nicely done!!


You plan on using Vixen/X-Lights to do any kind of show?

It depends on how complex you want to get. Vixen is easier and faster to set up and get running. Will not handle the more complex sequencing that X-Lights will.