Infinity Mirror on Steroids!

Since I’m going to posting questions regarding my next project soon, I figured my first post on this forum should be of something already completed :c)
I stumbled upon WLED just over a year ago, and am still amazed by it’s power and flexibility!
I decided to pair it with an infinity mirror I made as a Christmas present for my daughter in 2022.
Used WS2812 pixels, an ESP32, and a mic for audio reaction.
The 12"x12" "shadow box was purchased from Hobby Lobby, and an exact fit mirror tile for the back from Home Depot (had to buy a multi-pack, but just as well because I broke most of them trying to drill a hole in the center!). The front 2-way mirror was eventually chosen over filming the included clear glass (way cheaper) because it gave about twice as many internal reflections.
One part I’m pretty proud of is covers for the strip LED’s, which I 3D printed, to hide the PCB material.
Everything else is pretty straight forward… Used a wallwort for the PS, made 2 groups in WLED, and just stock effects. It powers on to my favorite, and the button cycles through a few more. I didn’t think she would, but my daughter (27yo with no tech interest) has actually connected and played with wled :grin:

Final project, being inspected by my bird~

Here’s a quick vid before she took it home, sorry room wasn’t darker!


Attaching the inner 3D printed cover over the LED strip attached to the frame

The messy electronics, fortuanately hidden behind the frame. The function button (lower left) pokes through a drilled hole in the side