Hexagon Wall Light :D

Hi all,

Thought i’d share my latest project. Most of the things I make these days are running WLED. It’s so damn good.


If you have any questions about it, i’d be happy to answer them :slight_smile:



That is awesome. I would love to see how you wired that.

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Hi ,
The 2nd picture design looks nice , first time I see something like this .
I can’t access the Insta link but i am sure it looks great when its on .


here’s a link of the same video on YouTube :slight_smile:

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That is cool , did you add sound reactive option ?
Best thing for a matrix or Hex is SRWLED

sure did :slight_smile:

Is the frame store-bought or 3D printed?

It’s all laser cut

Where did you get the laser cutter tool path gcode file? Did you create it yourself?