Tiny light box

I was up bored at 3am and wanted to see if I could make a tiny light box. Could be a few mm taller and deeper but it works

@bobbybeard so cool
some more imags as of the controller in use
and do some Artwork images as of 5x5

Q: whats the Wood size thickness and what LASER power is needed you got

Thank you
I’ll get some more images up and see about a short video if its possible on here. I’m still a noobie at WLED so I haven’t done any artwork imaging yet.

I mainly use 3mm & 4mm wood. The 3mm seems to be better for these small projects but tends to warp on some larger projects so that’s why the 4mm gets used.
I have Fox Alien masuter pro which I do not recommend Fox Alien products I had to purchase a new 40 watt laser from Laser Tree after a year the Fox Alien 40 watt laser lens broke which I guess is a major issue according to the forums and no replacement found yet.

Organized the wiring some. I have a 16x16 matrix coming now to try a larger one.

Thank you very mutch
in Europa 40W is a hard stuff as there are limits on Privat to use Lasers