Box lights

Between my laser and now learning single board computers I’m coming up with some nifty projects.
Started making lamps to sale and grew into ESP32 & WLED driven fun sound reactive lamps. This week sold the first two. So hopefully I can sale this in kit form that’s ready to assemble and use for easier shipping.
I just sold four in one night. well one was a bar tab to a local sports bar so I think thats a fair trade.

you need to get better edging alignment

Still working on it. Been only working at it for a few months then the original laser the lens cracked so that killed my practice time.

here are some interesting wall patterns for a box lamp

Greatly appreciated. You do any laser or cnc work?

yes i got 50mashines homemade from Lathe till 5axes cnc and also laser,plasma,puncher knife,…
Im in a Huge education Center and got a Mechatronics ing

Been working on keeping the wiring tidy. As a ex mechanic I hate hack wiring jobs