Floor lamp

First of all I want to say thank you for this wonderful piece of software!

From several former projects I did have some leftovers:

  • 1m of an APA102 strip (30 LEDs) from an ambilight project,
  • 1m of aluminium channel (bought but never used for ambilight),
  • a couple of walnut boards from building a chair,
  • some epoxy from the same project and
  • a power supply from a broken device.

So I bought a couple of Wemos D1 mini boards and matching socket for the power supply and started playing around. Hardest part was building the base. There is a thick board at the bottom (mostly hollow) and a thinner board at the top. In between is a layer of epoxy. The first LED shines into this epoxy layer which makes for a nice effect. The edges are machined with a router and a 45 degree bit.


By the way, this is a fantastic looking project. Did I see this on hackaday recently? Or was it YouTube? Regardless, I saw a video of a build that looked very similar to this, perhaps without the epoxy which is a very nice touch!
Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you! Yes, I’ve also seen a video - but mine is running the coolest software :grinning: