New WLED lamp design Twisted lamp

Hi everyone, I played around a bit and made this lamp, hopefully someone will like it, thanks for all the opinions.

I have created a base in which you can insert a wemos mini 8266 board with USB-C or micro USB, you can also use the ESP8266 Lonin V3 or use an adapter to insert any other ESP board. So far I have created an adapter for ESP32-WROOM-32D with 340CH controller and adapter for Arduino NANO. The base can also be fitted with MAX4466/9814 or INMP441 microphones. The tube can be powered with LM2596/XL4015 voltage converters or again with another adapter that you can make yourself. If you use another type of led strips, for example WS2815, which are 12V, you don’t need to use the converter at all. The power supply can be connected to the lamp using the DC Power Jack DC099 connector or the USB-C HW-398 module. Everything is screwed in the base with an M2 screw, of course you can use hot melt glue, but I don’t like that.

In the files on CULTS3D you will find assembly instructions and slicing instructions for the WLED version of this lamp and orca slicer projects for Bambulab X1C and P1S. The slicing manual is for all types of this lamp, but you can tweak some settings, I’m not god.

Dimensions 270x132x132 The largest part is the cover 220x128x128

Everything is printable with 0.4mm nozzle, whole body is from PLA only LED strip holder must be from PETG or ASA or ABS.

For lampshade I tried 3 types of PLA filament, from Bambulab I tried PLA basic Jade white, from creality I tried Ender PLA white, last PLA filament is Litophane from ROSA3D, you can use all litophane filaments or white filament with low amount of pigment.

Cults3D link

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you shoudt provide this files also on Thingiverse or even on Printables tere you might get a Free spool or in you got more PM points on it a NEW printer

PS woudent a ESP8266 as of D1Mini reduce the parts as it can run 100Pixelk on Boardpower