RGB Lamp (Tutorial)

Hello! I thought I’d share with you my latest project and tutorial where I use WLED. It is battery-powered and can be recharged via USB type C. All the parts are 3D printed. I hope you like it! I also include full instructions. Let me know what you think!



Very good idea. Please improve your soldering skills and use proper soldering iron. You go public and non experienced people will watch and think your technique is correct.

Do you have any specific tips? As far as the iron goes I’d like to get a better one, a hakko for instance, but this is doing its job well enough for now. Also in my defense it was my first time recording while soldering.

As you can see I’m not trying to offend. My point is to post good quality tutorials for people without any skills and do that correct, let say more professional way. Your soldering iron is not cleaned and looks beaten a lot. You can still use your iron but replace tip. Hakko is a good choice for the soldering station.
When you solder you don’t pay attention that your wires is extend to components on boards and almost touching them. When you have a soldering pad with hole it’s better to put wire in the hole and not solder on top. Accuracy is a big deal in electronics.
Keep making your tutorials and review them closely before you post and they will gain your audience .
I wish you a luck.

Just a positive note here, it’s quite a good tutorial video, I liked it! The lamp and it’s construction also looks quite nice.

I agree with @srg74 that your soldering equipment and technique needs a bit of work. The “oversticking” wires from some solder points could lead to read problems. But I also get you are young and in-experienced so some practice fill fix that, not worried about it. The soldering iron you currently have isn’t really meant for this type of work either, it looks more like a plumbing iron. If you are looking to upgrade and don’t want to immediately break the bank, something like this is already a nice step up! But I also understand sometimes you just have to use what you have. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback! I reviewed again the video and you are indeed correct!

Thank you for the support! You are both correct about the oversticking wires, I’ll work on it. Also thanks for the suggestions, I particularly like the ts100, I’ll look into upgrading my soldering iron. After all it seems like a good investment that will help me with my projects! Have a nice day!

Very cool, I have implemented something similar, though, this was an existing lamp for my son. Originally fitted with a normal bulb, but now perfectly fine as a night light.


Thank you! Wow that looks great!

Hi Nicolas,

It looks great.
I also made something like this once (LED tube with "smart" Dim function).
After seeing your video, I feel like making something like that again.

Great that you take the trouble to share it.
Keep it up and especially post it here on the forum so that other users get as excited about it as I am.

Bye the way, I have built in a rotary encoder in the base to be able to dim the LED strip.
See this result and this one.

I am really happy you enjoyed my video! Your LED Tube looks awesome! However the first link doesn’t work for some reason.

No thanks.
First link should work now :grin:

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