LED tube with "smart" Dim function

Hi all,

I noticed that there is interest in my LED lamp with DIM function, so I would like to share it with you.

I made a LED tube with a smart dim function.
Well smart … I can dim by turning the tube.
This is often done faster than starting the app. :wink:

Curious what it looks like? click here to see how flame intensity and height changes while turning and here to see DIM function.

I also made a switch at the top, so that I can choose from 3 settings (effect and / or color).

This option is made possible by the Advanced Macros that you can find under config and then sync settings.

I use a Satin tube acrylic light opal.

In fact I use 2 tubes, So that the individual LEDs are not visible.

I have built in a rotary encoder in the base of the lamp to be able to dim the LED strip by turning the outer tube.

To give you an impression of how I made the base, you can also have a look here.

And some renders I made:

In this example there are 3 small gears, because I thought it would be more stable in the tube, but that wasn’t necessary, so I only used 1 in the end.

I glued the large cog-wheel into the acrylic tube.

But these are renders. In reality it looks like this:

5.1 power plug + USB for Wemos or Arduino

Flange that secures gear is secured with bayonet type. (The gear / COG wheel should be glued in the tube)

Test if it all fits…Of course not immediately, so the 3d printer has worked overtime :unamused:

end result after a lot of messing around and a few beers.

I later sanded the base and painted it black

For my Led project I used an inner tube for better diffuse light and it gives me the possibility to dim the led by turning the outer tube (which I connected to a decoder). But if you don’t need that, maybe one big tube is enough. (See also my other videos for the project).

By the way, I’ve glued 2 ledstrips with the backs together so I have nice all around light. (of course with insulation between them)

Video How it looks like

without rotary encoder, the base could look something like:

Sorry for the bad english … thanks to google translate :smirk:


Very good. Nice idea.

How did you create the Flame effect?

I used Fire 2012 effect from WLED

Thanx, very nice project :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @George-Verboven,
I really like your lamp. Do you mind sharing your 3D printer files for the base?

Hi Sebkur,

Nice to here that you like mine lamp.
It’s been some time since I designed this.
I’ve searched for the STL files, but I can’t find them directly.
I’ll have a look at my old backups.

I do have a few STL files from an earlier proto version.
But those aren’t exactly what I’m showing here.

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Hello trere,
Did you found those STLs?
Thank you :slight_smile: