WLED Neon tubelight for home decoration

Hi all,

I’m new to WLED and got to know the project via the Home Assistant forums.
This inspired me to design my own lights for atmospheric lighting in house.

I’ve created a neon/TL tube style light using some 3D printed parts, an ESP8266 flashed with WLED and an acrylic tube.

The goal was to keep the entire light as slim as possible, so I ended up using a 30mm diameter acrylic tube. this was I could design a housing for the ESP8266 that was about the same diameter as the tube, keeping the design esthetic very similar to a TL light tube.

The whole thing is about 1,5m long and with WLED, it’s fully addressable down to a single LED pixel.

The light in action:

3D files and Bill of Materials:

For those interested in re-creating the project, I’ve uploaded the design to Printables .

Apart from the 3D printed parts (controller housing and end cap), you’ll need the following:

  • 30mm outer diameter acrylic tube: frosted or opal (mine is opal
  • ws2812b LED strip (mine uses 80 leds)
  • A 5V wall wart (The amperage will limit the length of your light. Mine is 4A max, so about 90 leds)
  • ESP8266 D1 Mini
  • Glue (Optional. The design should friction fit together)
  • Spray paint (Optional)