Spooky eyes

I made some spooky eyes for in the bushes on Halloween.


Cool, got any video? How thick are they? Did you make the models yourself, or just pulled something from Thingiverse (or wherever)?

What did you use for diffusion? That’s been my #1 issue with of of my own projects that I want to make. Like, I could make my own flame bulbs, but I don’t easily/cheaply have something to nicely diffuse the light.

They are about 1" thick and I did them myself in Fusion 360. They’re far from perfect but they work. For diffusion I used packing foam. It essentially a sheet of the same thing pool noodles are made of. I don’t have video and I pulled them down so if I get time tonight I’ll see if i can hook them up to a test system .

Sorry it took so long.
Quick Spooky Eyes Video


looks great