Quick vid of my 3 'lights'


Details on the builds?

1st one ‘Hex’ uses a string of 12mm diffused LEDs and an ESP-8266 and was designed and 3d printed by me.
2nd panel is simply strips of 60/m LEDs and a ESP-32 with a sheet of white perspex as diffuser.
Last one is a commision from a friend who had the frame made and cnc’d the backboard for me. Uses wired strings. I tucked the excess wire into holes in between each LED and hot glued them down. Don’t do this. It took forever and as the backboard is dia-bond (metal) the hot glue doesn’t really want to stick. This is going to get a piece of silk as a diffuser, possibly with a print on so that it isn’t just a big white panel when it’s not on.


Each one of those is really impressive in their own right. Are you using the UDP sync with individual controllers?

I’d also be interested in the 3d print process and assembly on first one i.e. the mega glowing honey comb awesome conversation starter