SR WLED Guitar


ESP32 + sph0644 I2s mems


That is cool

Those led individually placed?

Hey Cyberdine,
One continual strip joint behind neck
Ws2812b 60/m

Ooooooooh ! You made an infinity mirror geeetaaa! Brilliant. Simple buuuuuut, very effective! Not to sound in any way but impressed . Well done. Really.

Erm btw. Is that a towel your resting it on? Think my lady got me the same one…lol


Yep same towel!

Definitely didn’t want to scratch the new paint job.

Waiting intently for replies to your tilted matrix quandary.

Matrices and mapping is my next goal.

Lol . Of course … isnt that whats always called for when giving birth to an idea??..
In this instances…
Gloves… to prevent excited hands from leaving prints…

hot water… to provide copious amount of tea to fuel the mind and sustenance for the body…lol

Towels… clearly only the premium of premium will suffice… and that being our multi coloured towel… we know placing it on any other will spell inevitable doom and failure…lol.

Yes as for my pending question… i too hope its one that does provoke discussion and maybe an inclusion in future versions of wled ?

Making things accessible to everybody i hope is the goal of the creators of this software and not just for the boffins with extended foreheads that dont mind all the extra complications. ( no disrespect if you truley do have an intelligence bulge… we need you)

But for we everday guys this sometimes hinders imagination. Which of course is detrimental to our creativity and on the whole of "Led light Mankind " !! Lol… i exaggerate but you get me gist…

Ive been using the moonmodules fork for a long while now. My goto install. Would love to have this feature baked into it… fingers crossed eh?

For me and you…

Again inspiring project you have done.

I’m sorry to say @ink…

There has been a complaint about your projects, so you are going to have to stop making them.

Apparently you’re making everybody else’s projects look like :poop: compared to yours.
Please cease and desist.


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Lol. Brilliant