PWM white strips and Home Assistant


I have an ESP32 running WLED, I tried both 0.13.3 and 0.14 to fix my problem to no avail.
There are two 24v ledstrips connected to pins 4 & 5 using two PWM boards that regulate 24v voltage to appropriate levels. The 2 strips are configured as separate segments.

From the WLED webinterface every works as it should, I can dim the strips separately etc…

However I want to control the ledstrips from Home Assistant and this only partly works. I can set the brightness of the segments by using the entities ‘lights.wled1’, ‘lights.wled1_segment_1’ or ‘lights.wled1_main’ for overall brightness. But this only works when I set the slider called ‘white channel’ (version 0.13.3) or ‘Fx’ (version 0.14) in WLED to 100% for example. After a reboot of the ESP32 the sliders are always at 0 and controlling WLED from Home assistant doesn’t work because of this.

I haven’t found any entity in Home assistant to set this value, does WLED not provide it to Home assistant? Or is the problem on the Home Assistant side? I spun up a vanilla Home Assistant instance but the problem remained the same. I looked at the palette entity, but nothing I could see to make it work.

Save a preset with the sliders set the way you want, then set WLED to use that preset# at boot.

Yes, I have it working by setting the ‘FX Slider’ to the maximum for every segment, save all segment settings to a preset, and have that preset be the default at boot.

However, this seems like a workaround for me. In Home Assistant I have a color palette entity, but on the WLED interface it states “color palette not used”.

So I wonder: is it WLED that is not providing the necessary API to let the FX slider be controlled remotely? Or is it a problem with the Home Assistant integration?

Also, when I hover above the FX slider, there is a text balloon appearing above the slider control, but it’s obscured by the menu above it.